2010年5月31日 星期一

Lab 33: Google Analytics

1. Enter Google Analytics
2. Put the code provided by Google Analytics in your own blog.
3. Check the results to see the daily traffic chart, the recent visitors by locations.

Lab 32: blog cloud

Build a blog cloud for your blog.

Lab 31: Syndication with RSS 2.0

1. 進入你的部落格,登入,選擇自訂
2. 新增小工具
3. 選取
資 訊提供 新增
將 RSS 或 Atom 資訊提供的內容加入您的網誌。

Blogger 製作

4. 撰寫或貼上所需連結(範例)

Lab 30: navigation bar

1. 進入你的部落格,登入,選擇自訂
2. 新增小工具
3. 選取
HTML/JavaScript 新增
4. 撰寫或貼上所需連結(範例)

2010年5月24日 星期一

Lab 29: DOM

1. Open KompoZer
2. Based on the code as in http://www.scottandrew.com/weblog/articles/dom_4 ,
write a code to generate the table of 9*9 products. (九九乘法表)

Hint: The javascript code should be enclosed by script tags.

Lab 28: Create Image using DOM

1. Open KompoZer
2. Hand code a javascript that loads an image from Internet based on
the DOM model.
3. Take a look at the sample code that shows how window.onload to load the image.
4. Use a button to load the image. Try how onclick works.

DOM, Document Object Model

web personalization 網頁個人化
你 會不會覺得有點神奇, 它是如何做到的?
關鍵就在 DOM.

With the DOM scripting methods you can:

- Create new elements on the fly.
- Grab all the tags of the document, or grab the text without grabbing the tag text.
- Insert new text, and change or remove text from any element.
- Move whole parts of the document around, or remove parts as fragments and work with them.
- And the best part: all of these new methods should work in any DOM compliant browser. No more browser sniffing. No need to build different versions of the same page for different browsers.

Scripting For The 6.0 Browsers, By Scott Andrew LePera

createElement() allows you to create a new tag.

myImg = document.createElement("IMG")

Give definition.

In the above example, our newly born tag has no ID, no SRC and no home in the document yet. So let's give it some definition:


Append it within the document "tree".

Now all we need to do is append it to the document body. And to do that, we use the DOM node method appendChild():

docBody = document.getElementsByTagName("body").item(0)

2010年5月15日 星期六


1. Google 的獲利模式是甚麼? 請舉例說明。
2. 什麼是 CGI? 繪圖說明以CGI為架構的網站系統。
3. 無障礙網頁技術有哪些?試舉三項。
4. Housingmaps 使用了 mashup技術,何謂 mashup?
5. 何謂 Web 2.0 ? 特性是什麼。
6. 請比較微軟的Office 與Google 線上文件所使用技術與功能特點。
7. XML 與 HTML 差異在哪裡? 網路訂單適合用哪一種傳送? 為什麼?
8. 擴增實境是什麼?試舉三個應用。
9. 部落格常使用 RSS 技術,請簡要說明RSS,以及其主要功能。
10. 列舉 XML 特性至少三個
11. 如何增加網頁的互動性? 試舉出三種方法。
12. 油猴子(GreaseMonkey)程式為何可以用來濾除網頁中的不雅字眼,試說明其原理。
13. 試敘述五件網路發展史上的大事。(沒有標準答案,儘量回答即可)
14. 試列舉Google提供的五種服務。
15. 試列舉三種手持裝置(包含PDA, iPad,行動電話,...)的作業系統
16. 列舉至少三種網頁瀏覽器
17. 在無障礙規範中,使圖片成為無障礙的作法有哪些? 請說明。
18. 無障礙網頁的理念是甚麼? 試論述之。
19. HTML 的全名是甚麼?
20. HTTP 的全名是甚麼?

2010年5月10日 星期一

Homework 5-10-2010

Lab 27: Using XML and XSLT

1. Register and Download Xray, an XML, XSLT editor and processor.

2. Given the
Listing 1. An XML document representing the results of a soccer tournament

Listing 2. A basic style sheet for the soccer results

use the XSLT as in the Listing 2 to transform the XML file as in the Listing 1.

3. View the formatted HTML file.
4. Given the
Listing 1. An XML document representing the results of a soccer tournament
Listing 3. A style sheet that computes team standings

compute the team standings in a table.

5. View the formatted HTML file.

Lab Hand code a form

Hand code a HTML or use KompoZer to edit an HTML so that the webpage can send a request to Google like

Use Form CGI that includes action, input, and submit.
Try a few different coordinates.

Lab 26: Using XML

1. Register and Download Xray, an XML, XSLT editor and processor. (安裝X-Ray需要本機權限)

2. Given the the XML file and XSLT file ,
use Xray to do the transformation of the XML into HTML.
You have to replace [ with <.

3. View the formatted HTML file.


Take a look at islandwide temperatures of Taiwan.

What happens if you just want Taoyuan's temperature?

If you want to include Taoyuan's temperature in your Theme
Park homepage, is there any solution?

XML examples:

the need of XML

  • Separation of data from data processor
  • Seperation of data from presentation
    • HTML for machine-human interaction
    • XML can be formatted to HTML according to formartting rules called XSLT. To see it, do Lab XSLT.

  • Automation of data flow across various business systems
    • XML for machine-machine interaction
    • Without human involvement, automation of business systems can be accelerated.

    What kind of language is XSLT?
    • An XSLT style sheet is an XML document.
    • The basic processing paradigm is pattern matching.

    Operation of an XSLT Processor

    XSLT(專業ASP.NET XML程式設計 - 使用C#)

    Lab 25 Lab Form and Action

    "logic will get you from A to B - imagination will take you anywhere"

    How to use Form to invoke a remote service through CGI.

    1. Copy the search box of this search page,
    inlcuding radio buttons, text input, and submit button.
    2. Open your KompoZer HTML editor.
    3. Open a new empty HTML file.
    4. Paste the search box into this new file.

    5. Use KompoZer to add a Form to this search box. Do not hand code the HTML. Just fill the blank in the Form dialog.

    6. In the form dialog, set Action="http://google.com/search" and name of Form as "f" and method as "get"
    (See Hint if it does not work.)
    7. Save your file on your computer. Run your HTML by Firefox. What do you get?

    8. Set method as "post"
    9. Run your HTML by Firefox. What do you get?

    Static, Dynamic Webpages and Common Gateway

    • Dynamic pages, content generated by server-side programs.
    • CGI, Common Gateway Interface, for sending requests to server-side programs.

    static page

    dynamic page

    URL that sends a request by CGI

    2010年5月3日 星期一

    Homework 5-03-2010

    1. 請點選以下中原大學電算中心有獎徵答活動,檢視當中使用了哪些服務的 mash-up?

    2. Rich Internet Applications 泛指網頁上高度互動性設計,諸如Youtube, Google Maps 等,需要較多的運算與頻寬,請問這些應用是否可能將無障礙設計納入考量,以兼顧視障,肢體障礙,聽障者的需求?

    3. Augmented Reality (on Youtube Video) 目前有哪些研究?是列舉三個研究單位或三項研究的簡介。

    Lab 24: Mash-Up 4 (Calendars)







    Augmented Reality (on Youtube Video)

    Lab 23: Mash-up 3 (Blogs)


    Create a slide show of your album. Embed the album in your blog.

    Hint: 挪威奧斯陸之行

    Lab 22: Mash-up 2 (Maps)

    96年度全人關懷獎 -崔媽媽科技服務工作團隊

    For housing services, compare the following two websites


    List the differences in the user interface design and usability. Make comments
    by your use experiences.

    比較: 美感,直覺性,流暢,預期反應

    Lab 21: Mash-up 1 (Publish)

    1. Upload a sample ppt to Google Docs.
    2. Publish the uploaded ppt.
    3. Embed the online ppt to your blog.

    The reason to do so is that the readers don't have to have ppt to view your presentation. For example, some users work with Linux or Unix, and others work with MacOS. They will appreciate you for doing so.

    如何活用 Gmail 工作坊